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Healthy gut microbes are the foundation for improved health.

GoGut Microbebiotic™ is a chemical-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, flavorless fiber supplement that mixes easily into any beverage or food of your choice! Alex White MD, and his research team conducted clinical trials on our ground-breaking proprietary super fiber. Along with hundreds of study participants enrolled in the trial, Dr. White took a personal interest and also decided to consume the same 30 grams per day.

Healthy changes occurred for many of the patients, including weight loss, healthy glucose levels, and metabolism. Dr. White lost 15 pounds while taking the fiber supplement! The findings confirmed that fiber promotes healthy gut microflora by eliminating bad bacteria in the gut and colon.


GoGut Microbebiotic™ Directions:

  • Dissolve in liquids such as coffee, room temperature water, or blend in smoothies or other drinks. It can also be sprinkled in broths or on food.
  • Use three 10 gram servings per day (10 gram scoop included).
  • For best results, space out your fiber servings to three times a day.

3 Reasons why you should use OUR fiber instead of other brands

  • 1


    You can't consume the needed 30 grams a day from other brands. Try it, it won't be pretty! GoGut Microbebiotic™ is concentrated and made using a proprietary method with NO additives. GoGut Microbebiotic™ can dissolve in liquids such as coffee or smoothies, or even be sprinkled on solid foods. 

  • 2


    GoGut Microbebiotic™ is produced using a patented method that allows us to extract soluble fiber from a vegetable host in its PURIST form. Most commercial fiber brands have additives like aspartame, maltodextrin (GMO), artificial flavors, and Yellow 6 (artificial color). We don't. Your body will thank you for choosing a chemical-free, non-GMO, all-natural fiber supplement! 

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    Healthy gut microbes are the foundation for improved health. Alex White MD and his research team conducted research trials around our proprietary super fiber supplement. Check out some of GoGut Microbebiotic™'s clinical trial results.  

  • No fillers

  • all natural

  • sugar free

  • gluten free

  • non gmo

One Month Supply

Regularly $99.95
  • One Month Supply of GoGut Microbebiotic™

Two Month Supply

Regularly $139.95
  • Two Month Supply of GoGut Microbebiotic™

Six Month Supply

Regularly $307.95
  • Six Month Supply of GoGut Microbebiotic™

what our customers say

what our customers say
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